The Pandemic & Indicators of Social Disorganization

I’ve received a few comments from friends regarding the current pandemic and key points from my such as: perceived fears, the lack of knowledge about emergency preparedness, social capital theory, community resilience, and the conditions for anomie.

Responding to an epidemic or pandemic is usually not part of a municipality’s all-hazards emergency management plan. Citizens’ lack of knowledge on the situation can incite fear.

==>Which could lead to someone buying a $h!t ton of toilet paper (pun intended) for a pandemic that does not induce diarrhea.

Social capital exists in societies where individuals recognize the mutual benefit of developing social networks and working collectively towards shared goals (Coleman, 1990; Putnam as cited in Kawachi et al., 1999).

==>So, if someone you know purchased four times more than what their family actually needed, they likely have a disparate perspective of “shared goals.”

The lack of social capital is one of the primary features of socially disorganized communities (Sampson as cited in Kawachi et al., 1999). Theories of relative deprivation (Merton, 1968) and social disorganization (Sampson & Groves, 1989; Shaw & McKay, 1972) suggest that when there is a significant disparity between communal values, standards, and wellbeing, the possibility of social instability (anomie) exists, and those conditions could lead to social disorganization.

Community resilience enables communities to respond and adapt to adversity or a change in conditions.

==>Checking on the elderly and other neighbors in your community and maintaining lines of communication.

Enhanced resilience is critical to mitigating vulnerabilities, reducing negative health consequences, and rapidly restoring the functionality of the community following a crisis or disaster.

==>Do WE accept responsibility for setting the right conditions (e.g., PPE, social distancing, and following orders) to improve the current environment going forward?

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